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Välkommen till Portugals ambassad i Stockholm

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Välkommen till Portugals ambassad i Sverige. Här kan man hitta uppdaterad information om våra aktiviteter som syftar till att främja och stärka de bilaterala relationerna mellan Portugal och Sverige.

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Following the information published on 5 April, the Embassy of Portugal would like to convey the following complementary information regarding the dramatic incident that occurred on 4 April:

- The known elements – which can be provided without compromising the confidentiality of the ongoing investigation – allow us to conclude that this incident was a criminal attack against the Embassy, its employees and premises, perpetrated by an individual totally unknown to the Embassy and who showed clear symptoms of deep psychological alterations.

- As result, the Embassy’s Chancery (office), the Trade and Investment Agency (AICEP) and the Tourism Office were total destroyed, or as severely damaged that it is not possible, at this point in time, to anticipate when it will be possible to resume our normal activity.

- Moreover, it is not possible to estimate when it will be possible to provide minimum services concerning service to the public at the Consular Section due to the obvious difficulties in finding, as soon as possible, a location that provides the necessary safety and operating conditions for the employees and the public who visit us.

The reach and severity of the situation and its consequences might not have been fully understood. That is the main reason for this note, which complements and details the one issued on 5 April, as soon as it was possible to inform the public about the situation.

Nonetheless, the Embassy and its employees, with no exception, are making every possible effort in order to re-establish our services and will keep all the stakeholders – public in general, authorities, local and Portuguese public and private entities, the Portuguese community, the diplomatic corps in Sweden and the media – informed about any developments concerning the situation.

The Embassy would like to inform that, fortunately, there are no casualties among the Embassy’s employees, the Consular Section’s public, the Embassy’s visitors, the employees of other diplomatic Missions in the building nor among its residents or visitors.

At this point, and on a personal note, I would like to convey, on my behalf and on behalf of all the Embassy’s employees, the appreciation for the numerous messages we received expressing concern regarding the incident.

In this respect, I would like to convey our appreciation for all the support received from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, its services, colleagues and employees, who are making an immeasurable effort to help us re-establishing our Mission.

I would also like to highlight the words of His Excellency The President of the Portuguese Republic and the support provided by the Portuguese Government from the very beginning, namely in the person of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Last but not least, a final reference to the prompt help provided by the Swedish fire department, which avoided the worst and prevented any human casualties. We also thank the crucial support of the Swedish police and the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, especially from the Protocol Department.

Stockholm, 10 April 2018

Henrique Silveira Borges

Ambassador of Portugal to Sweden


According to the circumstances widely made public, we regret to have to inform that the Consular Office in Stockholm is temporarily closed until new instructions. We take the opportunity to give our thanks to everyone who has supported us and to make sure that we are doing our best to keep the Portuguese Community informed on the situation through this site and our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/embassyofportugalsweden/. Until the situation has been reestablished, urgent consular matters can be forwarded to the nearest Consular Services in Oslo or Copenhagen, In case of urgent matters, the Emergency Consular Office in Lisbon can be contacted through the following numbers: + 351 961 706 472 e + 351 21 792 97 14.


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Box 10194
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+46 (0) 8 545 670 60 (Kansli)
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sconsular.estocolmo@mne.pt (Konsulära avdelningen)

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